4 Skills Every Lab Manager Needs

4 Skills Every Lab Manager Needs

4 Skills Every Lab Manager Needs

Whether you are considering a career as a lab manager or have recently been promoted to the position, there is a big chance the job will require proficiencies and skills you haven't begun to consider. Although, of course, a significant part of the duties involves exciting new research opportunities and facilitating discoveries, your work will not end there. Our experts on diagnostic dermatopathology in Pittsburgh, PA, offer the following skills every successful lab manager needs:

Leadership skills

Taking a role with management responsibilities can seem overwhelming when you first take it on, but it doesn't have to be. First, always try to make decisions based on the good of everyone involved. Being in power usually means that final decisions are up to you, so make sure you make choices with the whole team in mind instead of being selfish. Second, be confident in the choices you make. A lab manager must be able and willing to make crucial decisions and get their team on board with their logical, well-thought-out judgments. Finally, find ways to maintain team enthusiasm and motivation. Listen to your employees, make sure everyone knows their target and goals, and ensure your team is working together with lab success in mind.

Communication skills

Both informal and formal communication are essential for maintaining a prosperous atmosphere and boosting staff morale. Remember to plan one-on-one time with staff regularly to discuss concerns with you before they become problems. An empathetic and approachable manager is often mentioned as a primary driver of staff morale. And, if you want to keep your team happy, plan informal activities to encourage staff to have fun together outside of an otherwise intense work environment.

Project management skills

A lab manager’s role is very similar to the role of a project manager. Of course, project completion is usually a group effort, and many times would not be possible sans the entire team, but helping to bring project elements together successfully will often rely on you. Whether you are communicating project goals to your team, setting deadlines, or overseeing delivery, coordinating the project is critical, and you are just the person for the job.

Budget management skills

Government funding is sparse, and applying for funding and grants through various sources is critical for a thriving, successful lab. The laboratory’s future could be threatened without adequate financing, so this is one of the most essential duties you will take on in your new role. There are many bid and grant writing courses available, or you could ask for advice from senior employees who have more experience with it. But, if you are not the best writer, there are agencies available that specialize in writing grants, or if your budget allows, you can add a bid writer to your team. There tends to be a high return on investment in this area, so think about delegating the duties if you need to.

These are a handful of skills every lab manager needs. Contact us today if you need assistance with diagnostic dermatopathology in Pittsburgh, PA.



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