Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

Thank you for choosing Rabkin Dermatopathology Laboratory! To provide the fastest possible service, this guide may explain some procedures that may be new to you.

We order and supply you with personalized, pre-paid mailing labels, which FedEx refers to as "Billable Stamps". So long as you use these Billable Stamps to send specimens to us, you will not be billed for any FedEx charges associated with shipments to us. Your specimens will be picked up and transported by FedEx, an overnight transportation company. Regularly scheduled or on-call pickups are arranged directly with FedEx by calling 1-800-463-3339.  It is very important when calling for a pickup that you request “AIR PICKUP”, NOT  “Ground Pickup” and let them know that you are using a “Billable Stamp”.  We will call you, once we have received from our FedEx sales representative, your new FedEx account number.  Once you receive your account number, we encourage you to set up either a daily pick up for all days your office is open or a regular pick up for as many days as you would expect to have specimens to send to us so that you do not need to call FedEx every time you have specimens for us.  Your office should not be billed for the shipping as we have already filled out the FedEx Billable Stamps (labels) to show that we should be billed for all shipping expenses.  To ensure that labels are completed accurately, we fill them out and send them to you already on the boxes.  Just before you give the package to the driver, tear off the left hand side of the Billable Stamp Label and that becomes your receipt.  When you run low on any supplies, including all FedEx supplies, call us or fax us a completed supply request form.  We fulfill all supply requests within two working days.

Fill in a specimen bottle label for each specimen and affix it to the specimen container.  Please be sure that each specimen container lid is twisted on tight.  Place the specimen(s) from each patient in a biohazard bag to keep them together and to minimize the possibility of formalin leakage.  The specimen container(s) go into the biohazard bag, while the request slip and any other paperwork for that patient go in the pocket behind the bag.  All of that day’s biohazard bags are then sealed into a FedEx Clinical Pak which is in turn packed into a pre-labeled FedEx mailing box.  These procedures offer the maximum possible protection against formalin leakage and specimen loss. 

Our request slips are printed on multi-part NCR paper.  Tear off the bottom sheet and retain it for your records.  Many physicians find that these make a useful addition to the patient's chart. 

Results are usually available within two working days from the date the specimen is shipped to us.  Reports can be faxed to your office within a few minutes after they are signed, and duplicate slides can be sent on all cases if desired.   

Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions or if you need additional supplies

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