Dermatopathology is the study of the structure and function of the skin in health and disease. A Dermatopathologist is a highly- trained physician specializing in diagnosing disorders of the skin, hair and nail under a microscope. Unlike most laboratory tests, analyzing skin tissue is not just another automated lab test. Dermatopathologists provide a personal, consultative service in working closely with dermatologists in analyzing a patient’s medical information in conjunction with observations through the microscope. Our goal is to assist and support clinicians in providing the best possible care to their patients.

No, not typically. A dermatologist is a medical doctor who specializes in diagnosing skin conditions through physical examinations, while a dermatopathologist (also a physician), collaborates and provides support to dermatologists in utilizing microscopes to analyze skin samples. Rabkin Dermatopathologists perform microscopic analysis of skin disorders and do not see patients, take biopsies, or treat patients at our lab.

No. We are a specialty dermatopathology laboratory and perform testing exclusively on skin, hair and nail specimens only.

In most cases, lab reports will be available to the referring physician in approximately three working days from the date our lab receives a biopsy (Monday through Friday excluding holidays). In some cases, additional testing may necessary to assist the dermatopathologist with making a diagnosis whereby a preliminary report will be issued in the interim to ensure information is communicated to your clinician in a timely manner.

Yes. While we cannot give results over the phone or by email, we can send you a copy of your pathology report to your address of record or to another physician's office at your request. If the patient is under eighteen, we can send the report to the patient's parent or guardian. There is no additional charge for the copy.

While we are happy to send you a copy of your report, the physician who took your biopsy is in the best position to answer questions about your report. Your pathology report should be combined with your doctor's clinical expertise and his or her clinical observations of your skin and your overall health history before reaching any conclusions about your condition, treatment or prognosis. If your physician has any questions about our report, he or she is welcome to call our Dermatopathologists, however, you and your physician should discuss your lab report in addressing any questions you may have about the results of your biopsy.

Your lab analysis is completely independent from any physician's office or hospital visit therefore, our billing is completely separate. Rabkin Dermatopathology Laboratory will submit the charges for your lab services to your primary and secondary insurance companies using the insurance and billing information provided by you to your physician’s office. Any deductible, co-pay, or co-insurance charges related to our lab services are independent from your physician office visit. We accept checks, money orders or credit cards for any balances due and payments can also be made through our web site at www.rabkindermpath.com. Please contact one of our billing specialists at (412) 786-3054 or (412) 968-9266 with any additional billing questions you may have.

Rabkin Dermatopathology Lab is contracted with most major managed care insurers We continually update our list of participating managed care providers. Please feel free to contact our billing department at (412) 786-3054 or 412-968-9266 if you have questions about managed care insurances or your specific managed care provider.

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