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If you are receiving a bill from us, it is because your physician sent one or more of your skin samples to our laboratory for microscopic interpretation. Our bill is in addition to whatever you may have paid to your physician for the office visit and/or the biopsy. We are completely independent from any physician's office or hospital, and our billing is completely separate.

We provide referring physican's offices with a card to give to patients which explains that there will be a bill from us for our services. We do bill insurances, but depending upon your insurance, it is possible that there will be a balance due even after your insurer processes our claim. This may be true even when we participate with your insurance. Many insurances have deductibles, copayments, pre-existing condition exclusions, limits on annual benefits and other policy clauses that may result in nonpayment by the insurer. Because of these insurance policy provisions, the fact that you have insurance does not necessarily mean your medical bills will be paid in full by your insurer even when the provider is in-network.

The insurance information we have on file for you is only as accurate as what we are given by your own physician's office. If we do not appear to have correct insurance information on file for you, please contact our Billing Department and we will be happy to submit a claim to the correct insurer.

We have contracted with most of the insurers that allow independent laboratories to participate with them. Some managed care companies will only contract with one national laboratory for all laboratory services, and as a specialty laboratory we are effectively excluded from such contracts. We offer a continually updated list of the insurances in which we participate. Please feel free to contact our billing department if you have questions about insurances not on the list or need clarification as to our status with any insurer.

As required by federal regulations, our charges are based upon the number of biopsies taken and the specific testing performed on each biopsy. We try to keep our charges very close to what most insurances allow for the services provided. Note that our charges cover not only the tissue preparation, studies and analysis we provide in-house, but also the bottles, fixatives and transportation necessary to overnight your specimen to our laboratory so that it arrives in undamaged and usable condition. In addition, and at no additional cost to you, we store the glass slides containing your skin samples indefinitely should they be needed for re-examination at any later date. We have only one fee schedule for all patients, insured or uninsured. We may, however, be able to make some adjustments in situations of demonstrated grave financial need on a case by case basis.

We can accept payment by credit and debit cards, but only over the phone. If you would like to pay by credit or debit card, please call our Billing Department at (412) 968-9266 or toll free at 1-800-786-3054 between the hours of 8AM and 6PM Eastern Time so that we may assist you. We cannot process credit card information received online or in the mail. We do accept checks and money orders which should be made payable to Rabkin Dermatopathology and mailed to us at:
440 William Pitt Way, Pittsburgh, PA 15238.

While we are happy to send you a copy of your report, the physician who took your biopsy is in the best position to answer questions about your report. Your pathology report should be combined with your doctor's clinical expertise and his or her clinical observations of your skin and your overall health history before reaching any conclusions about your condition, treatment or prognosis. If your physician has any questions about our report, he or she is welcome to call our Dermatopathologists, but it is your own physician who should be addressing any concerns you may have about the results of your biopsy.

While most patients prefer that we bill their insurance, every patient has the right to pay us in full instead of having his or her insurance billed for any or all of our services. If you would like any of our charges handled in this way, you will need to notify us in writing as soon as possible after the biopsy is taken. The green information cards, which we supply to physicians’ offices to give to their patients, contain a reminder that you will need to contact us as soon as possible if you do not want your insurance to be billed. You may also receive a letter from us giving you the opportunity to decide whether you want your insurance billed for our charges, but whether or not you receive such a letter, we will bill any insurance that appears to be a valid medical policy for you unless you tell us in writing within one week of the biopsy not to bill your insurance. If you choose not to have your insurance billed, our charges must be paid in full within thirty days of the first statement we send you. If we have not received timely payment by check or credit card, we may bill your insurance (if any) despite your prior request, if it is not past the claims filing deadline to do so. You should be aware that many insurers have short claims filing deadlines – some as little as thirty days from the date of the biopsy.

You may call, write, or fax us, whichever is more convenient for you. Our Billing Department is available 8AM to 6PM Eastern Time Monday through Friday except national holidays.

To Call: Toll free (800) 786-3054 or (412) 968-9266
To Fax: (412) 968-5673, Attn: Billing
To Mail Correspondence: Rabkin Dermatopathology Laboratory, P.C.
440 William Pitt Way, Pittsburgh, PA 15238

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