How You Should Treat Your Skin in the Summer

How You Should Treat Your Skin in the Summer

How You Should Treat Your Skin in the Summer

Summer skin can feel more relaxed and natural than the skin we have in the winter.  Because we tend to let our skin breathe more in the summer, it feels that way.  However, our skin truly has other risks that you need to keep in mind when the summer rolls around.  As a lab service that specializes in diagnostic dermatopathology in Pittsburgh, PA, we have seen the damaging effects of the sun, heat, humidity, salt, and other summer features on the skin.  For this reason, you need to follow these tips for the right skin treatment this summer.

Always Apply Sunscreen

During the hot summer months, you will likely be spending more of your time enjoying outdoor activities.  Although these activities are fun, they put you at a higher risk of developing skin issues, like dryness, irritations, or even skin cancer.  One of the best ways to prevent many of these issues is to use proper sun protection when you spend any time outdoors.  Wear sunscreen and invest in some SPF protected clothing and hats.

Avoid Exfoliation during Sun Exposure

Many people are not aware of this tip, but you should always avoid exfoliating your skin any time you know you will be exposed to many days in the sun.  If you have a beach vacation ahead, you should not exfoliate for the two weeks leading up to your trip.  Exfoliation removes dead skin cells that protect you from UV rays.  Because it takes two weeks to develop these skin cells once again, you should wait til you return to perform this regimen.

Use Antioxidant-Rich Products

Antioxidants block free radicals, which can cause skin damage and increase the aging process.  By using products that are rich in antioxidants on your face, neck, and chest, you can also provide an extra layer of protection against sun damage.  Green tea and Vitamin C are among two of the most important antioxidants that can nourish and protect the skin.  

Consider Adding Retinol to Your Routine

Retinol is another important product that you should have in your skin care routine this summer.  This product will prevent that breakdown of collagen that is helpful in keeping your skin healthy and vibrant.  Using retinol in the summer is especially important, as UV exposure can increase the process of breaking down collagen and causing the skin to look dull.

Avoid Heavy Products

During the summer, you will want to avoid heavy products.  Consider using a lighter toner that is witch-hazel based so that you can keep your skin looking healthy without weighing it down.  This is especially important when the humidity is high and you are spending a lot of your time outdoors.  Save the oil-rich products for the winter when your skin needs some extra hydration.

These are just a few of the ways that you can ensure your skin routine provides your skin with everything it needs during the hot summer months.  When you suspect that you have a skin issue that needs to be checked out, you want to trust our lab that specializes in diagnostic dermatopathology in Pittsburgh, PA.  Contact us to hear about our lab testing capabilities today.



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