How We Create Workflow in Our Diagnostic Lab

How We Create Workflow in Our Diagnostic Lab

How We Create Workflow in Our Diagnostic Lab

Are you looking to partner with a diagnostic lab facility to help provide quality patient diagnoses with extensive lab testing capabilities?  When you need a lab that specializes in diagnostic dermatopathology in Pittsburgh, PA, you will want to trust Rabkindx to help you with your needs.  We ensure that our testing practices comply to put your patients’ needs first.  This includes having the most effective workflow in your lab.  Here a are a few of the ways that we establish and create workflow in our lab.

Laboratory Arrangement and Design

 The design and layout of our lab space significantly affects workflow efficiency, productivity, and the certifications you can obtain. Lab equipment, workstations, and supplies can quickly become a problem if they are in areas that are not conducive to well-organized workflow. Moreover, our departments collaborate, which allows certain lab areas to work together more frequently.  This helps to save time on the jobs performed in the lab.

Modernize Technology

Employees can only do their jobs effectively if they are given the proper resources and tools. If your lab's technology and equipment are ancient, broken, or inadequate, this might be time to consider an upgrade. Our technology is designed to provide our clients with the highest standards, quick analysis of data, and streamlined information for their patients.

Update Our Equipment

Before purchasing any lab equipment, we evaluate the current state of the technology and equipment used in your lab and conduct research to determine what affordable options are available and best suited for your lab.  We choose the right equipment to meet the needs of our dermatology practices.

Follow Standard Operating Regulations

Build and document standard procedures that streamline the lab processes. Start by developing steps for each task. Then, divide and distribute these instructions based on the duties and functions of each pathology lab worker. Please make sure that employees thoroughly review these guides and frequently refer to them as needed. The guidelines can be incorporated into employee onboarding and training processes to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Keep Workstations Organized

Employees in the pathology lab perform best in a clean, well-organized environment. Clutter and confusion often hurt morale, cause slow productivity, and waste time. Besides providing lab workers with the basic supplies, please encourage them to organize their workstations regularly. Allow them to arrange their workstations in a way that best suits their working style and preferences.

Keep Staff Morale Up

The way your lab technicians and staff feel at work has a massive impact on productivity. That is why managers must invest in their team's emotional and physical well-being.  We take steps to improve employee morale and productivity by providing a safe environment, efficient technologies, organized workstations, and equipment to perform tasks such as awards for good service and team-building events.

These are a few of the ways that we prioritize an effective workflow in our lab space.  When you are looking for the right partners to take care of your diagnostic dermatopathology in Pittsburgh, PA, contact Rabkindx to hear more today.



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