Five Types of Tests that Many Diagnostic Labs Perform

Five Types of Tests that Many Diagnostic Labs Perform

Five Types of Tests that Many Diagnostic Labs Perform

Are you looking for a lab service that can provide you with the capability to perform all of the medical tests you need done at your facility?  When you trust the right lab service for dermatopathology in Pittsburgh, PA, you will be able to get all the tests done in the same location.  Pathology labs need to be reliable so that you can provide your patients with reliable and trustworthy diagnoses that can lead to the right treatment options for their situation.  There are a few types of tests that are most commonly performed in diagnostic lab settings.

Blood Count Examination

Blood count examination is used to examine variety of infections and illnesses. Red blood cells carry oxygen that is transported to all the parts of the body. Similarly, white blood cells provide immunity to body by fighting various viruses and bacteria. Platelets also defend body and helps in clotting.  Abnormal values in any of these would give an indication of different disease conditions, such as medication, nutritional factors and exposure to some toxic substances. Abnormalities in the blood count also tell about anemia, leukemia and blood cancers etc.

Iron Level Examination

Iron Level Examination is done to check amount of iron level in the body and abnormality in the values suggest disease condition.  If the level of iron is too low, it gives an indication of anemic condition.  Whereas, if the level of iron is too high (hemochromatosis), it gives an indication towards serious illness conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, liver disease and heart failure etc.

International Normalize Ratio Test

International Normalize Ratio examinations are done to check the effectiveness of medication on the patient’s body.  It also examines blood clots in patient’s body. This test is especially important for those who are at anti-clotting medication such as warfarin that is used to prevent clotting or stroke after surgery etc.

Prothrombin Test

Prothrombin test is also known as PT or pro time test that calculates how long blood takes to clot. This test is also used to analyze the presence of five important different clotting factors of the body. This type of test also used to analyze abnormalities in bleeding and monitors medication treatments that avoids production of blood clots.

Activated Partial Thromboplastic Test

This test is used to see how well blood thinning drugs (such as Heparin) are working. This test can also be used to check for some bleeding disorders, like hemophilia, that run in families.  If you have a history of blood related issues, this is a test that they may run to see if you have any potential issues.

These are some of the most common diagnostic tests that may be run in a pathology lab.  Having the capability to perform these tests is important when your medical partners rely on you for quality tests.  As a lab service that offers dermatopathology in Pittsburgh, PA, we can provide you with all these tests and more.  Contact us for more information about our lab services today.



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