Three Reasons to Trust Our Dermatopathology Lab

Three Reasons to Trust Our Dermatopathology Lab

Three Reasons to Trust Our Dermatopathology Lab

When you send your skin samples to a dermatopathology lab, you want to be sure that you are working with the best lab testing facility.  These samples will be tested to determine whether or not you need to be diagnosed and treated for a skin disease or disorder, which can drastically alter your life.  In fact, the results determined by many tests done in pathology labs help to save lives.  Often times, lab test results come back with no news at all, which is good news for the patients.  Anytime you are concerned about your health, you want to trust the best diagnostic dermatopathology in Pittsburgh, PA to help with your medical issues.  There are three reasons you should trust our dermatopathology lab to perform your lab tests.

We Offer Enhanced Diagnostic Advancements

In our lab, we offer prompt and concise reports of accurately performed tests and their results.  This supplies medical professionals with organized material to make the best diagnosis quickly and efficiently.  We also perform direct and indirect immunofluorescence on our site.  At Rabkindx, we offer PAS testing for nail plate and scrapings along with a microscopic description supplied directly on the report given to both patients and doctors.  We also store patient slides for any possible future reference whenever it is needed.

We Offer a Personalized Service

At our laboratory, we offer you the expertise of our dermatopathologists.  Our consultative approach provides a teamwork structure when you encounter difficult cases.  Because of this specialized niche, it can be difficult to find better expertise than those working in our lab.  We also offer a flexible specimen transportation service whenever it is needed, which allows for rapid or expedited test results and optimal turnaround time.

We Offer Educational Support

Because we are experts in our field, we also offer educational support to any doctors or patients who want more information after they receive their test results.  Patients can receive educational materials at no extra charge.  We also participate in local and national medical conferences in order to present and learn new advances in our field.  In our lab, our employees also engage in routine training that helps them stay current and informed about the work they perform.

These are just three of the main reasons why you should trust Rabkindx with your lab testing needs.  We work hard to provide you with quick and reliable results so that you can quickly relay that information back to your patients.  We help you make a prompt diagnosis to start treatment quickly and give patients the best odds possible.  If you are looking for the best diagnostic dermatopathology in Pittsburgh, PA, contact us today to hear how we can get started working together.



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