Four Updates You Need to Make to Your Lab to Stay Current

Four Updates You Need to Make to Your Lab to Stay Current

Four Updates You Need to Make to Your Lab to Stay Current

Are you looking for a diagnostic lab that meets both functional and updated trends in the diagnostics and research world?  Are you considering outsourcing your diagnostic needs to a lab facility?  There are many reasons to choose labs for your diagnostic testing needs, including the fact that we adhere to many of the professional standards of safety and updated scientific trends.  As a lab specializing in diagnostic dermatopathology in Pittsburgh, PA, we want to update our research and testing facility to meet the current trends in our field so that we can best serve our medical clients.  There are a few design trends that we keep in mind when we are implementing change and workplace environment updates in our lab.

Support Collaborative Approaches

Collaborative approaches to science have become increasingly popular in the professional lab environment.  Many labs are now designed to optimize this collaborative approach, which encourages employees to work together to accomplish goals.  Tests that have multiple steps are now being allocated to different people who then come together to meet the final goal.  Open lab facilities, conference room space, and shared work spaces are now becoming a trend.

Adapt to Change

Because the scientific world changes rapidly, laboratories need to be designed to change along with it.  This means that labs are now being designed with flexibility in mind.  Instead of a complete redesign each time a new scientific trend is discovered, labs are designed to change rapidly in accordance with the technology.  Items like modular furniture, ceiling-mounting utility connections, self-contained water receptacles, and custom storage units are ways to maximize flexibility in your lab.

Improve Sustainability

Labs used to be designed without considering the impacts on the environment, but that is now changing.  Lab designers and planners are now considering how they can increase the sustainability of a laboratory buildout all while still accomplishing the same medical goals.  These planners are considering greener options that still maintain efficiency and safety of the employees.  This includes choosing sustainable materials for countertops, surfaces, and shelving.

Increase Visibility

Increasing visibility is becoming a popular trend when designing a custom laboratory for medical and research purposes.  Labs used to be dark and cramped spaces, but now they are much more open, include more natural light, and have more space.  This increases employee satisfaction and productivity, while it offers a collaborative and communicative scientific process.  In order to open up the space, you may consider incorporating more natural light, installing larger group tables, and using versatile furniture that serves more than one purpose.

These are a few of the most current lab practices that we implement to provide our clients with the most updated methodology for diagnostic testing.  We are experts in diagnostic dermatopathology in Pittsburgh, PA aim to keep up with the current research and technology available to labs.  Contact us today to hear about how our lab can help you with your dermatopathology needs.



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