Four Reasons Why Testing Your Blood Frequently is Good for Your Health

Four Reasons Why Testing Your Blood Frequently is Good for Your Health

Four Reasons Why Testing Your Blood Frequently is Good for Your Health

Having your blood drawn may make you cringe, or it might make you nauseous just thinking about it.  Millions of people have their blood collected and sent to lab facilities to be further tested.  Blood is easy to collect with harming your body and it also communicates a lot of information to a pathologist.  This is why blood samples are commonly the first test a doctor will send out to the lab specializing in diagnostic dermatopathology in Pittsburgh, PA when they want to make a diagnosis.  Even though this is the most common type of test, it can also be one of the most beneficial.  There are a few reasons why testing your blood frequently is good for your health.  

Tests Provide Early Diagnosis and Save Lives

When your diagnosis is made during the early stages of the disease, you will have a much higher chance of treating and curing it.  By having proper examinations and blood tests done on a frequent basis, you will make sure that you have no issues or concerns that may indicate an illness.  Without early detection, you may suffer from a more intense course of treatment or even be too late to treat.

Tests Detect Metabolic Issues

Currently, metabolic illnesses like diabetes are more prevalent than ever.   These types of diseases require constant monitoring and evaluation, including intervention with medication in order to keep it in check.  Blood tests can detect and monitor these diseases to keep your levels healthy and allow your body to function properly.

Tests Check Liver and Kidney Function

Routine examination of vital organs like your liver and kidneys can give a broad view of what is going on inside your body.  Blood tests will be able to measure levels of proper chemicals, hormones, and toxins that may indicate issues with these organs.  Altered levels can indicate an array of issues, like medicines, metabolic diseases, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and infection.

Tests Detect Hormonal Imbalances

Weight loss can be essential to your health, but many people struggle with doing so.  If you are trying to lose weight with diet and exercise without any progress, you may have a hormonal imbalance.  Blood tests will be able to indicate this, so you'll want to get this checked to ensure that you can live a healthy lifestyle with proper intervention or medication.


These are just a few of the reasons why you should consider having your blood drawn and tested on a regular basis.  In order to catch diseases early and determine any other health issues you may have, you should send out blood tests whenever you feel something is wrong.  As a lab specializing in diagnostic dermatopathology in Pittsburgh, PA, we assist with lab testing that informs the doctor of diagnoses and treatment options.  Contact us to hear about our range of lab testing services today.



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