Don't Make These Common Mistakes When Staffing Your Pathology Lab

Don't Make These Common Mistakes When Staffing Your Pathology Lab

Don't Make These Common Mistakes When Staffing Your Pathology Lab

Once your pathology laboratory is designed and renovated, it's time to start staffing your facilities.  This can be a lengthy process that requires sifting through many resumes, interviewing candidates, and writing up job proposals.  Often times, many laboratories outsource their staffing resources to companies that can help.  This takes the burden off them, which allows them to focus on other aspects, such as the diagnostic dermatopathology in Pittsburgh, PA and other services they perform.  When you are staffing your laboratory, it is important to avoid these common mistakes.

Don't Look For Too Many Qualities in One Person

Whenever you are browsing through resumes of potential candidates, you may be looking for too many qualities in one person.  This is a mistake you should avoid.  No one is an expert in everything, so this search will either leave you without options or someone may be overselling themselves in their resume or interview.  This can lead you to make the wrong decision.  Instead, you want to focus on qualities that you can build upon.  A willingness to learn is critical for teaching candidates how things operate in your lab.

Don't Offer Less Than Candidates Deserve

When you first set out to hire employees for your lab, the first hires will likely be the most important.  This means that you should pay them more than you will pay other employees you hire later.  Because they have more responsibilities, you want them to earn what they deserve.  Labs that are just starting out are typically on tight budgets, but make sure that you offer competitive and fair salaries for those who will have lots of important tasks on their plate.  You want to attract experienced and seasoned professionals to help improve your business.

Don't Forget to Offer Comprehensive Benefits

When you hire experienced professionals, they likely have experience choosing from a multitude of benefits packages.  Even though you have a tighter budget at the beginning of your journey, you still want to offer them competitive benefits packages to entice the quality professionals to take the job with you.  Medical benefits and paid time off should be considered when you make them a job offer.  Without these, you could lose potentially great employees that can help grow your business.  Don't make the mistake of skimping out on their benefits package.

Don't Try to Do Your Own Billing

When you first start out, you may want to try to tackle all of the tasks yourself.  You may think that you can hire and train staff that will take care of all the jobs in house right away.  This often isn’t the case.  Billing is one task that you should consider outsourcing until you grow your staff and have more employees trained and available for more work.  Hiring a company to perform your billing will enable you to focus on hiring the right staff instead of trying to balance the books.  This will also keep everyone paid and happy throughout those first few years.

Be sure to avoid these common mistakes when you are staffing your pathology laboratory.  When you make these mistakes, you are more likely to turnover more employees in a short period of time.  This requires additional resources and time, which is difficult to come by in a busy work week.  Trusting a well-staffed and highly trained diagnostic dermatopathology in Pittsburgh, PA to perform your laboratory work is a great decision.  Contact us today to hear about our laboratory services.



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