What You Need to Know about Dermatopathology Services

What You Need to Know about Dermatopathology Services

What You Need to Know about Dermatopathology Services

Many of us go to a dermatologist when we have any skin issues, such as rashes, irritations, burns, or irregularities.  Dermatologists meet with patients to discuss their issues and look directly at their skin to determine surface-level issues.  If these issues appear to need further examination or analysis, samples may be taken and sent to labs for further testing.  At these labs, medical professionals that specialize in dermatopathology in Pittsburgh, PA can take a closer look to determine a diagnosis.  These professionals specialize in diagnosing skin disorders and illnesses at the molecular level.  These are trained doctors that work in a lab facility to work with dermatologists on the right patient diagnosis and treatment.  There are a few things you need to know about dermatopathology services.

What is a dermatopathologist?

Dermatopathologists are highly trained physicians that specialize in the diagnosis of skin disorders by looking at them at a molecular level.  This is a combination of both dermatology, which is the study of the skin, and pathology, which is the study of illnesses on a microscopic level.  Many of these professionals are called upon when the skin disorder is more complicated or difficult to diagnose at first glance.  They are often great resources for complicated cases.

What cases are handled by dermatopathologists?

Because this is a highly specialized medical category, they are called upon in more complicated cases that involve a thorough assessment.  These diagnosticians work with dermatologists to determine cases involving melanoma, and they also help to diagnose many other skin disorders that can be immunologic, infectious, or pediatric.  Because misdiagnosis of skin disorders can have devastating consequences, many dermatologists like to talk through their ideas with these highly trained pathologists.

How do they work?

Dermatopathologists are not just professionals that take samples and provide results.  They provide you with a consultation and discussion about the  skin samples, their results, the patient background, and any other information that could make a full profile.  This personalized service allows them to provide the best patient care possible and ensure that their diagnosis and treatment is aligned with their other doctors.  

Do you meet with the dermatopathologist?

Although the dermatopathologist will primarily work out of their lab, you may actually be asked to sit in on a consultation or have a discussion with them in rare circumstances.  If they believe that seeing the patient will assist them in their diagnosis, this may occur.  However, it is likely that you won't need to see this professional, as their work is done mainly with the medical team you are trusting to make your diagnosis.

These are just a few facts that will help you better understand the role of dermatopathology services when you need a skin diagnosis.  Our specialists in dermatopathology in Pittsburgh, PA work hand-in-hand with our medical practices and dermatologists to provide the best patient care and informative diagnoses possible.  Contact us to hear about our range of diagnostic lab services today.



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