Seven Tips to Help You Prevent Skin Diseases

Seven Tips to Help You Prevent Skin Diseases

Seven Tips to Help You Prevent Skin Diseases

Our skin is exposed to many different surfaces, chemicals, materials, and germs on a daily basis.  Proper hygiene practices are the best line of defense to help us keep our skin safe from irritants, allergens, and germs.  As specialists in diagnostic dermatopathology in Pittsburgh, PA, we see many different skin diseases on a daily basis.  We help to educate others on how they can prevent and avoid these diseases whenever possible.  There are a few tips to help you prevent skin diseases that can be caused from environmental factors.

Wash Your Face

Washing your face with a mild soap and warm water each day will help keep your skin clear of toxins.  It is important to wash your face at the end of each day to clean off anything that may have come in contact with your face that day.  Because our hands touch everything and then touch our faces, you transfer many different elements onto your face each day.

Use Moisturizer

Moisturizer will help keep your skin healthy and hydrated.  After you take baths and showers, apply moisturizer to your skin to keep it healthy.  You also will want to moisturize your hands after each wash.  This is especially important during the dry, winter months.

Avoid Allergens When You Can

Allergens can cause skin irritations to develop.  When you are feeling itchy, try to resist itching your skin.  Instead, take a shower to remove the irritation.  Allergens, such a dander, pet hair, and dust, are commonly found in homes.  When you notice a reaction to allergens, you will want to immediately leave that area.

Get Your Sleep

Sleep is one of the best ways to defend your body against any disease.  Sleep helps your body to heal, and this includes keeping your skin healthy.  When you sleep, you are able to restore your body for the next day and this will keep your immunity up as well.  

Drink Lots of Water

When you drink water, you stay hydrated.  Water also helps to flush out the toxins in your body, which will keep your skin looking healthy and radiant.  It is advised to drink at least eight full cups of water each day in order to keep yourself properly hydrated.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Many soaps, cleansers, and lotions contain harsh chemicals that can easily irritate your skin and cause many issues.  Be sure to check the list of ingredients when you buy products that touch your skin.  This will help you avoid contracting potential diseases or having unwanted reactions.

Avoid Stress

Although it may seem impossible to avoid stress in your life, you want to recognize when you are feeling overwhelmed by stress.  When you detect this, you can then practice coping strategies to help alleviate your stress.  Practicing relaxation techniques will also help you to avoid stress.

These are a few simple tips that you can follow to keep your skin healthy and avoid skin diseases that can be caused by the environment around you.  Avoiding common irritants, like allergens and chemicals, can prevent these diseases from developing on your skin.  As a team of doctors that specialize in diagnostic dermatopathology in Pittsburgh, PA, we can identify and diagnose many diseases that affect the skin.  If you are looking for dermatopathology specialists to help you with your skin, contact us today to hear about our services.




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