Facts You Should Know About Dermatopathology

Facts You Should Know About Dermatopathology

Facts You Should Know About Dermatopathology

Many people have likely never heard of the term "dermatopathology" despite the fact that many people have likely suffered from illnesses or disorders determined by these specialists.  This term refers to the diagnosis of any skin disorder or disease that is examined through a microscopic lens.  This means that doctors and experts need to look through a microscope to diagnose the illness at a cellular level, which is actually the case for many skin disorders.   As specialists in dermatopathology in Pittsburgh, PA, we aim to educate the community about our role in the diagnostic process.  There are a few facts you should know about dermatopathology.

We Work Closely With Dermatologists

Because we work closely with many disorders of the skin, we also work closely with many dermatologist practices.  We often consult on their difficult cases when they need extra assistance making a tough diagnosis.  Typically, they will collect a biopsy of their patient's skin, which is simply a collection of cells, and we will look closely at this sample to help make a diagnosis.  Many dermatologists trust the opinions and consultation of dermatopathology experts to help provide them with a scientifically-driven evaluation of a diagnosis.

We Typically Work in Lab Settings

Because our role in the diagnostic process relies upon the use of medical equipment, we typically do our work in lab settings.  Having access to machines, like microscopes, will help us make the proper diagnoses that we need in order to help our patients.  We also work closely with lab technicians who can collect data and perform basic tests for us.  These individuals provide us with the information we need to make the right choice for our clients and their patients.

We Collaborate With Many Physicians

Physicians will come to us when they are having a difficult time making a diagnosis when they first meet with patients.  Some skin disorders do not require cellular sample testing, but others do.  Whenever physicians are uncertain of exactly what is going on, or when they simply need further evidence to back their diagnoses, they will contact us for our opinions.   We will receive and test patient samples, and then we will thoroughly discuss the meaning and assessment of the data collected.  Collaboration and communication is another important skillset for these experts.

These are just a few facts about the division of dermatopathology and how our experts can work together to diagnose skin diseases on a cellular level.  In order to properly diagnose many illnesses pertaining to the skin, we sometimes just need to take a closer look.  Our experts in dermatopatholoy in Pittsburgh, PA help many doctors make the proper diagnoses by digging deeper and looking closer.  Contact us to hear more about our services today.




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